financially inspired strategies

KPFB, a Featherbrooke Inc. division

We Do Two Things

 #1 Portfolio clean-up

We acquire under-performing or loss making companies.

Our methodology focuses on speed and unique contracting to ensure painless removal of portfolio companies that are no longer a fit for the Group. We specialize in challenging or turn-around situations. For example, we acquired a loss-making software division in upstate NY from a Nasdaq parent with a 6 week from start to finish exit from the portfolio. The business now operates at a 30% cashflow EBTIDA level. We pride ourselves on making the seller contracting and transition painless while keeping the key team players in place.

#2 Advise and execute strategic alternatives  to challenges and growth.

Execution of Strategic Projects for Growth, M&A, Restructures, Turnarounds & Interventions. 

We weave and help execute financially inspired alternatives to re-energize company performance.

Featured Work

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secureinterest copy 3.png

Structure new returns on corporate cash

Secure Interests allows corporate customers to gain 6% on cash balances with their influence in the supply chain

KPFB’s principal, Kevin Potter, has a range of deep experiences across industry verticals that leverage the ability to formulate and execute strategic alternatives. Being fortunate to be exposed to bright minds and experiences in rapidly changing industries, his work has been recognized by the World Bank, has been the winner of Microsoft awards and our solutions have been used by private and public companies, commodity exchanges and international banks.

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